TechLife Capital

TechLife Capital is a growth equity fund specialized in the Healthcare and Technology industries, managed by an independent management company approved by the French AMF (Autorité des Marchés Financiers), having received the Innovation Financing label from the French Ministry of Economy and Finance (Tibi initiative).


Sector specializations

We are dedicated to two main industries, Healthcare and Technology, and to the overlapping sectors in Health Tech and Tech Health, considering that technology is more and more critical in healthcare.

These two industries are deep, global, relatively acyclical, buoyed by long term trends. French players could have a significant credibility at European or at global levels, considering the expertise of French engineers and developers, and the quality of French medical and pharmaceutical professionals. Therefore, there are numerous attractive investment opportunities.

We have defined 9 sectors within these industries:

  • Healthcare: pharmaceutical industry, medical services, medical devices

  • Technology: software, services, solutions

  • Health tech: health software, medtech, health data


An expert approach

Nevertheless, these industries remain complex, with many interconnected business models and constituents, and potential government regulations. It is important to try to develop an expert approach.


The three partners at TechLife Capital have covered the Healthcare and Technology industries for more than 20 years, have complementary Corporate and Private Equity Investment experiences, and have already invested in most sectors of these industries.


We are accompanied by 10 operating partners, 5 in Healthcare and 5 in Technology. They are respected CEOs with long experience in some of the sectors targeted by TechLife Capital. We investigate our market verticals with them.


Furthermore, TechLife Capital is accompanied by experts in Technology and Healthcare who constitute its Scientific Committee and by a network of specialists built over more than 20 years of coverage of the Technology and Healthcare industries.

Investment Strategy: proactive investigation of targeted verticals

Our investment approach consists of pre-identifying specific and promising market verticals within the 9 sectors of focus we defined in Healthcare and Technology, and investigating them proactively and thoroughly.


These verticals are often characterized by an accelerating demand, an offer still fragmented, and a clear need for an active player to impact and structure its market segment.


It is therefore an investment strategy based on strong convictions and in-depth investigations of promising sectors. 


Value creation in partnering with promising companies

Our role as a catalyst in the transformation of these companies is to help them in their structuring, professionalization, and in the acceleration of their ambitions in order to impact their market vertical, and change league.


We aim at more than doubling the size of the companies, helping them become French leaders, reach European status, and potentially expand globally.


Growth can come from pure organic growth, international expansion, acquisitions or a mix of the three.

Equity financing tailored to the project needs

Once a promising market vertical has been identified and investigated, resulting in the approach of an attractive company, we partner with the management team to define the ambition of the project, the vision, the milestones, the financing requirements and the tailored-made structuring.


As long as we are motivated by the market vertical, excited by the company, its management team and the project, we are very flexible in terms of structuring (capital increase of new equity / acquisition of existing equity, majority / minority position…).


The equity commitments can range from 5M€ to 50M€.

The targeted companies have a French initial dimension, a proven business model, are profitable, and have a clear ambition to change scale and status.

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