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Regulation on Sustainability Reporting in the Financial Services Sector (SFDR) 

The SFDR regulation is a European Union regulation that forms part of the European Union's action plan. It aims to integrate sustainability criteria into its financial policy framework, to mobilize the financial sector to achieve sustainable growth.  

The SFDR regulation requires issuers of financial products and financial advisors to publish sustainability indicators for end-investors, namely sustainability risk and negative impacts on sustainability issues at entity and financial product level.  

TechLife Capital supports the objectives of the SFDR regulation and, more generally, the objectives of the EU action plan. The management company complies with the SFDR regulation. 

Exclusion Policy

The investment strategy applies exclusions to direct investments in companies and countries that are considered incompatible with TechLife Capital's approach. More information can be found in our Responsible Investment Policy, which also provides a general description of our ESG approach.  

Integration of sustainability risks (article 3 of the SFDR regulation) 

The funds integrate sustainability risks into their investment processes. They mainly take ESG risks into account. Further information can be found in our Sustainability Risk Management Policy.

Transparency on negative sustainability impacts (article 4 of SFDR regulation) 

TechLife Capital considers negative sustainability impacts and policies. More information can be found in our Policy on the management of major negative impacts.  

Remuneration policy (article 5 of SFDR regulations) 

Our remuneration policy respects the integration of sustainability risks and is available on our website by following this link

Promotion of environmental/social characteristics or sustainable investment objectives (article 8 of the SFDR regulation) 

In addition to integrating ESG risks into their investment process, funds may promote environmental or social characteristics (article 8 of the SFDR regulations). 

Further information can be found in the SFDR Fund Policy, article 8.  

In this context, TechLife Capital considers negative impacts on climate and biodiversity. Further information can be found in our Climate and Biodiversity Policy

Transparent promotion of environmental or social characteristics and sustainable investments on websites (article 10 of SFDR regulations) 

Our website will make available a description of the environmental or social characteristics or the sustainable investment objective, as well as information on the methodologies used in a report according to the publication schedule. 

Article 29 LEC report 

Our non-financial reporting in compliance with Article 29 of the Energy-Climate Act in available here.

2023 voting rights report

In accordance with our Shareholder engagement and voting policy our 2023 voting rights report can be found here.

Charity and donation

TechLife Capital, through its investments and donation policy, aims to address critical societal needs and contribute to a brighter and healthier future. Our charity selection methodology is designed to ensure a transparent and impactful approach to philanthropy. As such, TechLife Capital is a proud donor of Institut Curie, supporting the fight against cancer and French research.

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