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MITEM PHARMA_logo-couleur_vertical_RVB.png

INDUSTRY: Healthcare

SECTOR: Pharmaceutical industry

VERTICAL: Agile Pharmaceutical Laboratory

BUSINESS MODELRedeployment of existing / or development of new Drugs of Major Therapeutic Interest (MITM: Médicaments d’Intérêts Thérapeutique Majeur)

GROWTH INITIATIVES: Development of new drugs, acquisition and rejuvenation of existing drugs, international expansion in particular in endocrinology,  central nervous system, emergency cardiology


LOCATION: France (Paris, 75)

MITEM PHARMA, created and based in Paris in 2016, is an agile pharmaceutical laboratory dedicated to MITMs (Medicines of Major Therapeutic Interest), which correspond to essential medicines for severe diseases for which a shortage would lead to a public health risk. 

It identifies markets that are poorly addressed by existing drugs and secures their supply, revives them, improves them or develops new ones to ensure the availability of the best possible treatment for a targeted therapy. The laboratory is active in France and in main European markets, but also internationally.

MITEM is particularly positioned in endocrinology, central nervous system, emergency cardiology and medical dermatology

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