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Impact issues are at the core of our investment strategy when we carefully define the promising sector verticals we will proactively focus on.

We put a strong emphasis on business models that have a positive impact on society and the well-being of citizens.

Impact is one of the main reasons why we selected cancer diagnosis and treatment, health data protection, and services to biotherapies as priority sector verticals.


These investigations resulted respectively in the investments in XPath, which aims at structuring and improving the cancer diagnosis in France, the heart of the fight against cancer; in MyData-Trust, which aims at securing the management of patient data in particular during the clinical trials for drug development; in Flash Therapeutics, which provides critical products to biotech companies launching innovative biotherapies fighting diseases without proper existing treatment.

TechLife Capital is a committed investor.


Environmental, Social and Gouvernance issues are at the heart of TechLife Capital’s investment process.

TechLife Capital is a signatory of the PRI (Principles for Responsible Investment) which makes us perform ESG Due diligences on our investments, define and collect KPIs and targets, and establish ESG reports on our portfolio companies.

TechLife Capital is a signatory of the France Invest’s charter of Gender Equality : 

  • At Flash Therapeutics, 67% of the employees are women

  • At XPath Group, 50% of the doctors are women, and majority of employees are women.

Click here to see TechLife's ESG reporting policy


TechLife Capital is committed to Sustainability and Responsible investments. We are a signatory of the France Invest’s charter of Investor for Growth.

  • At XPath Group, a policy of responsible purchasing, transport optimization, waste management of sensitive products and energy reduction has been implemented.

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Sustainability risk management policy

Click here to see TechLife's full sustainability risk management policy

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